• Sourcing & Value Added Procurement

    Benchmark has many pieces we design and manufacture. There are a few items we do not. In order to free up your time and give you peace of mind, we offer single source procurement and responsibility for the entire furniture portion of your projects.

    From design collaboration through installation, we will build what we can and purchase the rest utilizing our decades of industry knowledge and relationships. We do this through our completely transparent cost-plus pricing.

  • Custom Fabrication

    We will make your concept into a reality… painlessly.

    Share your concept, renderings, and vision with us. We will then use our designers and engineers to create detailed drawings and full scale mock-ups to ensure we have all aspects correct before moving into fabrication.

  • Project Management

    Deliverables, Budgets, Timelines…

    All of these must be clear and managed on a regular basis to deliver a successful project that is on time and within budget.

    Our project management department will ensure they understand the scope of your project and effectively communicate with you from inception through successful implementation.

  • Shipping, Warehousing & Installation

    We partner with international logistics companies to take the guesswork out of transportation, warehousing, and installation of your projects.

    Due to our relationships, we get national platform rates that we can pass on to you as our customer.

    Skilled labor is available anywhere in the world to complete your project effectively.

    We handle it all.